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The Shepherd’s Rod 1999

THE COMING POWER One of the most important words for this year is the promised release of genuine Holy Spirit POWER. Power that travels with the speed of thought. Power to confront. Power to read people’s hearts. Power to run through a troop of the enemy and power to jump over their walls. Power to […]

The Shepherd’s Rod 1998

THE COMING RAIN Bob was awakened at 2:22 A.M. to hear the Spirit say, “I am going to rain on the brain of My people”. It is important to the Lord that during the course of this year that we begin to possess the mind of Christ and the mind of Christ possess us. Part […]

The Shepherd’s Rod 1997

PSALM 97– A PROPHETIC OUTLOOK FOR THE YEAR 1997 It is important to understand that according to the scriptures there are two years that run within the Old Testament teachings. The first is the sacred year as given by the Law of Moses beginning at the time of Passover. The second is the civil year […]

The Shepherd’s Rod 1996

This year, as we pass under the Shepherd’s Rod, He evaluates us to determine if He discovers love in us. If He does, then He approves of us and positions us to go to the next level. The primary thing He approves of is love, for that is the fulfillment of the law. (Romans 13:10) […]

The Shepherd’s Rod 1995

A CALL TO INTERCESSION The first thing Bob was shown by the Spirit was a call to intercession for the church. That call to supplication came in the form of two witnesses— Anna and Simeon. Luke 2:25-37. Anna whose name means ” favor” or “full of grace”, is a type of the intercessor with the […]