Greetings friends, I trust this E-Letter finds you blessed and prospering in the Kingdom. As most are aware, I have been in a season of sabbatical over the last few months and have only taken a few meetings this entire year. It has been a good season to obtain strategy and a fresh outlook for […]

Greetings friends, I trust this newsletter finds you blessed and moving forward into the achievement of your destiny. This has been a very interesting year for us. The Lord has called me aside for the majority of this year into a time of sabbatical from travel. We are very grateful for those of you that […]

Pursue God but Earnestly Desire Spiritual Gifts Paul Keith Davis The greatest quest for mankind is the pursuit of God and the experience of His Presence and Glory. We have an open invitation to boldly come before the Throne of grace; yet, it remains a sacred and holy journey, requiring clean hands and a pure […]

Greetings friends, In recent weeks and months we have received numerous inquiries concerning the message I received in 2002 involving the soon emergence of God’s last day champions and the prophetic picture God gave me through the story of Secretariat. Those visionary encounters and prophetic messages are now written in “Books of Destiny”. This book […]

The Bridal Mandate Paul Keith Davis Part of the great commission is the harvest of souls in salvation through thedemonstration of the Spirit’s power in our generation. Another part is the ministry of deliverance to set the captives free and liberate prisoners from spiritual dungeons. Then there is the ministry of healing including restoring sight […]

A New Day Dawning Paul Keith Davis The coming days will bring greater dimensions of darkness in the world; yet our hope is for the appearing of God’s weighty Presence. As I am putting the final touches on this article, my daughter-in-law is preparing to give birth to my grandson, Isaac. It was prophesied before […]

The Dove Company Paul Keith Davis During Atonement 2012 I was given a vivid dream in which I revisited three prophetic encounters that occurred in the mid-90s. One of them involved a vision that I was given of a Brown Eagle beautifully gliding across a body of water. Following the Brown Eagle I saw a […]

Empowered for the Unprecedented Paul Keith Davis In our day of destiny, we will see the Glory of God. But in order to see, we must believe. Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” —John 11:40 No one could have anticipated […]

Experiential Truth Paul Keith Davis Throughout the world millions recognize this present day as the consummation of the ages and God’s grand finale with Latter Rain Truth. The Scriptures tell us that the Spirit of Truth is promised as our heritage to guide us into all truth and to show us things to come. “But […]

A MISSED OPPORTUNITY By Paul Keith Davis After forty years of governing Israel’s people in the wilderness, Moses came to the end of his journey and recorded a fateful discovery that prohibited his generation from entering the Promised Land. He admonished them by reiterating the great and awesome deeds and powerful demonstrations which the Lord […]