Greetings friends, Wanda, Natalie and I are just returning from a very fruitful series of meetings in Detroit, Michigan, Seoul, South Korea and Auckland, New Zealand. One thing we received from each of these meetings is the clear evidence of a remnant company of people who have positioned themselves for spiritual breakthrough and a season […]

The Greatest Gift Paul Keith Davis Greetings friends, I trust this newsletter finds you full of faith and hope for this coming season. This has been an incredibly active month spiritually from Rosh Hashanah through Tabernacles. Much revelation and insight has been given to prepare us to move forward into a season of fruitfulness and […]

Enlarge Our Hearts! Paul Keith Davis In the year 2002 the Lord graciously allowed me to experience a series of visions and revelations that I have now incorporated in, “Books of Destiny.” The essence of these truths involved the soon emergence of great spiritual champions from every walk of life who will be identified according […]

The Voice of the Sign Paul Keith Davis Obviously, the question most often asked in recent days concerns our prophetic perspective of the calamities associated with the oil spill. This is something that we are very personally and intimately involved in as it is occurring right outside our home. Clearly, I have spent countless hours […]

The Radical Remnant Paul Keith Davis Say to Zion, “you are My people!” For some time this has been the expression I have heard coming from the Lord’s Spirit. It is taken from Isaiah’s prophecies in a season of messianic promise when an anointed word will be placed in the mouths of God’s remnant who […]

Redeeming the Time Paul Keith Davis We are going to revisit 1977! That is what I prophesied on December 31, 2009 at a conference WhiteDove Ministries co-hosted with our friends, Steven and Stacy Shelley. Initially, my thoughts returned to key events in the life of Pastor Roland Buck beginning in 1977 with the many prophecies […]

Greetings friends, We trust this New Year is already starting off on a higher level than the previous year. This December’s prophetic tour that we did across Alabama with Chuck Pierce, Pastor Kyle Searcy and Kent Mattox created for us a certain momentum that has carried over into 2010. It was an incredible time of […]

A Contrite Heart, He Will Not Despise Paul Keith Davis Unquestionably, we are entering times of heightened spiritual activity and confrontation. We believe 2010 will be a year considerably different from the past, with measures of breakthrough experienced by the remnant who qualify; those having positioned themselves before God with humility, contrition and who tremble […]

The Cloud is Moving Paul Keith Davis I love it when God confirms His word! Around September 11, I was given an extraordinarily vivid dream that has since provided a source of great encouragement. In the dream I saw a hand being extended holding an open Bible. I was told to turn to a certain […]

Going Behind the Veil Paul Keith Davis A few years ago the Lord gave me a wonderful experience that I believe depicts the calling of several within the Church being prepared to go behind the veil and begin to understand great and mighty things which we presently do not know. There are some being groomed […]