A Red Eclipse

On the morning of August 5, 1996 I had one of the more encouraging prophetic encounters that I have ever had. In it, I heard a voice emphatically declare, “I am going to bring about a red eclipse…it is going to mark the revelation of My word to such a degree that the entire world will take notice. It will be as in Psalm 67.”

Initially, I felt this message had direct prophetic application to things that transpired that year. I shared this message in a conference in North Carolina at that time. There were two lunar eclipses that occurred on biblical holy days during 1996. The latter occurred on September 26 which also happened to be the birth of our second grandchild who was named Rachel. However, I now also believe there is an application to the truth that was given that morning to this present hour.

When this word was first given I was not clear as to the meaning of a “red eclipse.” Of course, I had heard of a lunar or solar eclipse but never the illustration of a red eclipse. When I began to study this phrase, I discovered its application to a lunar eclipse which turns the moon into a bright red condition. An Eclipse is defined as the total or partial obscuring of one celestial body by another or the passing into the shadow of a celestial body. The images of red that strike the moon are created by the light of the sun passing through earth’s atmosphere before being reflected upon the moon.

We felt it was prophetically pointing to a profound application of the redemptive blood of Christ to the Church preparing her for a significant release of truth and power. Clearly, the season of time since 1996 has provided significant preparation and grooming for a release from heaven.

A Divine Promise

I had not thought much about the word over the years until this weekend when another red eclipse occurred on Saturday November 8. Shawn Bolz and I happened to be conducting the services in a conference in the state of Washington on this day. During the evening session while the “red eclipse” was actually taking place, Shawn began to talk about revelations that he had been given before we ever met. In them he specifically was pointing to a prophetic promise of a divine release upon this generation to touch the Throne of Heaven and obtain profound revelation and virtue.

Interestingly, the Scripture reference that he had been given in his encounter with the Holy Spirit was also Psalm 67. So, on November 8 under a red eclipse, Shawn was preaching of the prophetic promises from Psalm 67 in precisely the same fashion that they were given to me in 1996.

His Favor Shining Upon Us

I believe this is a reiteration of this divine pledge and denotes timing for a more pronounced release of God’s grace to enter its reality. Psalm 67 is a promised conveyance of supernatural grace and favor that His ways may be discovered in the earth and His salvation and deliverance imparted to a needy generation.

God be gracious to us and bless us, and cause His face to shine upon us—Selah; That your way may be known on the earth, your salvation among all nations. Psalms 67:1-2

In my experience in 1996, I was also led to Isaiah 51:16 and the prophetic language of this prophet pointing to a body of people who would be overshadowed by the hand of God in the same fashion that the moon is overshadowed with the reflection of an eclipse. The resulting impartation is to do three things:

1. To establish the heavens
2. To found the earth
3. To say to Zion, “you are my people.”

The identification of God’s covenant people with the power and virtue of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself will unite Heaven with earth. This is a promised restoration of the Messiah as the Head coming to His body with the same strength and potential placed upon the body as resident in the Head.

The creative Word expressed in the mouth of His body will have the same virtue as it did when He walked the earth in human form. The Lord Jesus was the perfect representation of the Word in tangible form that could be embraced and understood. The Word desires to once again become flesh through His people doing on the earth the same works through them that He did while in human form.

We believe the events of this past weekend along with the many other signs taking place in the heavens, the Middle East, the political arena etc., points to this specific season in a dramatic way. We desperately need divine grace and favor to become the prophesied generation of destiny. Only by virtue of His face shining upon us can we enter the promise for this day and join Him in a union relationship.