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    For thirty years, we’ve been preaching a prophetic message of preparation to the Body of Christ—empowering an end-time people to function in the character and power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Destiny of a Generation

Prophetic materials & resources to facilitate revival in the Bride of Jesus Christ


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Visions for the Future

Our free and premium video archives are a storehouse of spiritual food for the Body of Christ! Featuring hundreds of hours of prophetic teaching & training from some of the most significant prophetic leaders in our day, our media platform is a powerful tool for impartation, revelation, & truth!

Articles & Newsletters

An Ocean of Divine Truth

With a very special anointing for impartation & revelation, over twenty years of prophetic writings have been gathered together here as a free resource for the Body of Christ. This ocean of Divine Truth truly offers spiritual meat in due season – revelation to transform a company of people into the image and likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Newsletters & Annoucements

Always Stay Connected

With regular updates, our newsletters feature new & fresh video content with Paul Keith Davis and updates about current events in our ministry. Prophetic articles that contain relevant & revelatory truths will both encourage and inspire! Signup for our newsletter, and always stay connected!