By Bob Jones and Paul Keith Davis The period identified as the “Basilisk” season is approaching and we once again want to reiterate the importance of this timeframe and the great need for consecration, repentance and prayer. In times past, we greatly emphasized Israel and her need for prayer covering and spiritual intervention. That emphasis […]

Marvelous wonders and a significant exodus defined the previous season. The Lord executed His authority as El Elyon, the Most High God, delivering many people out of (proverbial) Egypt. It was a great crossover by faith, as many were rescued from captivity. From Tishri last year through Nissan, the Lord performed many miracles to confirm […]

The mistake of the prior two generations was being captivated by the phenomena of God and neglecting the person. The gifts of the Lord are a beautiful privilege given to us by the Lord; However, if we are not careful we could be distracted by the exaltation of gifts and the showmanship on the earth […]

A GREAT SHIFT A great shift is coming. Beginning in Tishrei this year (September of 2023) will begin a seven month transition out of slavery. It will be a time of divine intervention. These seven months are graced with opportunity to prepare for an even greater breakthrough in the month of Nissan. Many people will […]

Recently in a dream or vision of the night, I found myself , Keith, Bob Jones and two other prophetic men gathered together in a small room when a glorious thing began to occur. As we were standing there, our gaze and attention was immediately drawn to a tangible divine cloud that supernaturally appeared above […]

On March 17, 2003, at around 1:30 in the morning, the Lord gave me a dream that seems to have relevance for this season we are presently in. The nature and atmosphere of the dream clearly communicated that its message contained an admonition and directive for our ministry and perhaps the corporate body as well. […]

On March 1st, during the early morning hours, a time in which the Lord sometimes speaks to us, a prophetic experience began to unfold. In it I could hear an audible Voice begin to speak and highlight a specific scripture that I knew was of particular importance at the present time…it was Romans 8:13. Rom […]

A few days ago, Bob was given a unique vision that displayed a portion of the enemy strategies to entice and lure young people away from the destiny prepared for them. This is a different day than any prior generation. There has been a supernatural impartation released from heaven into a body of people who […]

As we have often stated, many of the revelations that come to Bob are in symbolic or parabolic form. Over the years he has cultivated an understanding of these revelations and their application. For the last few days another of the unique expressions from heaven came to him that we believe carries a specific message […]

Early 1995, Bob Jones prophesied two storms were to strike the U.S. in the same proximity. He was told the storms would have prophetic significance. The first would be an indication of God’s plans while the second would reveal the enemy’s. Although he had seen the two distinct storms, the place of landfall was unclear. […]