Paul Keith Davis

Founder & Leader of WhiteDove Ministries

WhiteDove Ministries is a prophetic ministry of Paul Keith and Amy Davis. Their unique message inspires intimacy with God and fellowship with the Messiah. Accessing the unseen realm through the reverential fear of the Lord, they share insights from the heart of the Father encouraging the Bride of Christ to make herself ready for the soon coming bridegroom. The grace of God is being released to prepare a people to enter into union with the Messiah, qualifying us to bring in the harvest promised for the last days.

“Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.” Daniel 12:3

Les & Dina Teel

Pastor of WhiteDove Ministries

Les is a pastor, elder and board member at WhiteDove ministries. He services the ministry needs of our leadership, our Table family, and assists in the operational requirements of the ministry. His desire is to help make ready for the Lord an overcoming Remnant of Kingdom special forces who preach the good news message of the Kingdom of God with demonstrations of God’s power and bringing many out of darkness into light. Les and his wife Dina are excited to see God’s people do the greater works that Yeshua said his disciples would do in these latter days.

Warren Smith

Administrative Assistant

Warren is the Administrative Assistant for WhiteDove Ministries. He helps facilitate the online platforms and growing community of the WhiteDove Family. Warren has a heart to serve others and values connection through relationship. For over 10 years, Warren has been following the teachings of WhiteDove Ministry. He and his wife Ashley have two beautiful young children, and continue to grow in the Lord together.

Caleb Davis

Administration & Events Coordination

Caleb is the Administrator and Event Coordinator for WhiteDove Ministries. He also handles the logistics concerning Paul Keith’s extensive traveling schedule. Caleb, along with the entire WhiteDove team, helps maintain our website and bookstore as well as come up with fresh and creative Marketing ideas. He has an extremely strong desire to see WhiteDove Ministries and our business, Dove Company Publishing, grow to become a powerful channel of distribution.