Fireside Chat with Bob Jones

As we have often stated, many of the revelations that come to Bob are in symbolic or parabolic form. Over the years he has cultivated an understanding of these revelations and their application. For the last few days another of the unique expressions from heaven came to him that we believe carries a specific message for this present season. The Lord desires to bath our steps and anoint our lips in “butter.”

As I was in the prime of my days, when the friendship of God was over my tent; When the Almighty was yet with me, {and} my children were around me; When my steps were bathed in butter, and the rock poured out for me streams of oil! Job 29:4-6

The time has now arrived for the Body of Christ to begin to be eyes for the blind and feet to the lame. That is, we are to begin to bring illumination and revelation to those who do not see the gospel truth and carry it to those who do not have access to the message of the Kingdom. Feet in this passage are a portrayal of the walk of man. This designation illustrates a divine orchestration in the steps of the righteous and the fulfillment of Heavenly purposes through the covenant people of God.

Likewise, we are to demonstrate the message of healing and deliverance to a needy generation. That is the “butter” that bathes the path of the righteous and the streams of oil that prepare the way for those who are called the friends of God. The pathway of God’s people should be lined with miracles, signs and wonders to validate the message of the Kingdom and cultivate the souls of those who hear.

Butter along with olive oil are two of the more perfect oils provided in nature. They are here symbolically used to illustrate the favor and blessing placed upon God’s covenant people. The Lord has been prophetically releasing these emblems of His grace in this present season of the Spirit. While we were in a conference in Albany OR, Bob was given these expressions to depict the characteristic of the Lord’s desire to release grace upon us and those dwelling in darkness needing Light.

Perhaps there are many others who have also been seeing different aspects of “butter” through their dreams and revelations. We believe, at least in part, it is the purpose of this revelation to illustrate the transition that is presently taking place and a release of favor for the upcoming season. We believe 2004 will see a marked escalation in the administration of divine truth and the ministry of healing and deliverance.

Judges and Counselors

The Bible promises to re-establish the judges and counselors as at the beginning that will have “butter” on their lips to convey truth and justice. (Isaiah 1:26-27) This denotes a specific anointing necessary for the articulation of kingdom truth and the pronunciation of blessings upon the righteous and judgment upon unrighteousness in the redemption of spiritual Zion.

In Isaiah 7: 15 this expression is prophetically utilized to characterize the nature of the Lord’s life and ministry and a time of maturing. Butter and honey will He eat until He discovers the distinction between light and darkness and learns to refuse evil and choose good. This is the ministry of extraction and separation of the mature that we are presently being called to.

But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil. Hebrews 5:14

The revelation is prophetically speaking of a people coming to spiritual maturity to which a higher wisdom is imparted from the Throne of Heaven. The Zadok Priesthood portrayed in Ezekiel 44 is also a representation of the Royal Priesthood presently emerging for this divine purpose. It will be their duty to begin to separate and extract the precious from the profane…the clean from the unclean. (see Hebrews 6:1)

Those who emerge in this hour according to the characteristics described in these passages will be the ones who have “butter” on their lips to convey Heavenly wisdom and divine revelation.