Fireside Chat with Bob Jones

Periodically, we find it extremely helpful to release what we have identified as prophetic sound-bites highlighting areas of emphasis in the present season. This is especially fruitful to help arm intercessors and various prayer movements with strategic insight. It is not our attempt in this forum to elaborate extensively on the things spoken by the Holy Spirit but rather to convey them in a concise and understandable way.

In a dream Bob was shown a potential calamity along the West Coast that could have very damaging effect. It was something to do with the shifting of the plates within the earth creating a separation of land mass. The admonition in the revelation was to mobilize the Church in prayer so that this could either be eliminated or substantially reduced in its impact.

A specific time frame was not given in the dream but it seemed to imply that it was something imminent. Much prayer has already ascended from the West Coast for a day of visitation. We feel this would be very damaging for many people if it should occur and a distraction from the birthing of God’s purposes in California.

A Release of Glory and Favor

In another dream Bob saw the Lord releasing a deposit of His glory to the earth. This was a very specific gift of God’s goodness for this next season of the Spirit.

In the midst of the glory that was coming he saw a golden eagle descending from heaven with the unfolding of God’s favor. Very often prophetic releases of God’s purposes are represented by a bald eagle. However, it was very important to recognize that this was emblematic of a golden eagle representing a very unique quality of God’s attributes.

The Golden Eagle

In the experience it was clear that the golden eagle was specially equipped to eradicate the spiritual influences represented by a serpent…specifically a king cobra. Much of the Egyptian mysticism centered on this serpent and the unholy strongholds it represented. For us, the king cobra has been a symbol of religious spirits set against the high purposes of Heaven.

The golden eagle has also represented apostolic authority in many of the revelations the Lord has given to us. This next season of the spirit beginning this year will see a substantially increased measure of apostolic authority to deal with and eliminate a false anointing that has hindered our quest for the harvest of the ages.

Jesus himself identified this spirit in Matthew 24 as one so close to the real that it would deceive the very elect if it were possible. This is a form of religious spirit that masquerade’s as the Holy Spirit but denies the power of God and focuses on works rather than grace. God is much more concerned about what we are becoming than what we are doing. Both are important, however, but our emphasis is first and foremost placed upon becoming more like Him and a reflection of His nature and character.

Removing the Curses

This grace and glory that is being released will provide an authority to remove anointed curses that have been released against churches and fellowships. Very often these curses are imposed from the pulpit by speakers who unknowingly speak from a wounded soul. This can give access to a religious spirit whose ultimate purpose is to frustrate God’s plan for the fellowship. Naturally, no one would knowingly do such a thing. However, this form of deception is so subtle that well developed discernment is essential to identify it.

When a curse of this nature is released it opens the door for demonic influences to keep things stirred up in a church or fellowship. Very often divisions, jealousies, strife and other such attributes are sown to keep the body from progressing into the high calling of God.

The religious spirit also promotes fear in people’s hearts in lieu of faith. The book of Jude is a clear portrayal of this nemesis and its identifiable fruit. It will emphasize the enemy’s ability to deceive us more so than God’s great ability to empower us. That is not to imply that we are to be ignorant involving our adversary’s plans. We are to be as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves in this regard.

The Lord is determining to lift these demonic assignments that have provided a ceiling on churches and fellowships in their quest for God.

Seven— The Number of Completion

The revelations also drew our attention to something that we initially outlined in the Shepherd’s Rod 2004. We will include a portion of those revelations as a matter of emphasis for the days ahead.

In a visionary experience, Bob saw a map of the United States with the number seven (7) superimposed over the map. This was to spiritually indicate that a work of completion had been accomplished in a number of people prepared for a fresh release from Heaven’s throne. The places that the number seven laid across the map indicated a unique release of the Spirit in those areas.

That is not to indicate that it is the exclusive place in which the Lord is releasing a deposit of His Spirit. Rather, it is strictly highlighting this area for an extraordinary expression of God to be demonstrated by those specifically prepared for this purpose.

The emblem of the seven seemed to begin along the Gulf coast and expand at an angle toward the northeast with the region of New Hampshire forming the upper most portion of the numerical symbol. From there it extended across the northern portion of the United States and Canada to the West Coast and made a slight turn down around Oregon and California.

There is a finished work that has been fulfilled in a body of people who will be brought close to the Lord and His throne to hear fresh expressions from His heart. Seven is the number symbolic of completion to indicate the maturing that has transpired in those to be used by the Holy Spirit.

As the vision continued, Bob also saw another numerical seven; however, this one was inverted. This was also to indicate the completed and maturing work that has been accomplished in the realm of darkness through those who oppose the work of the cross and the Church of the Lord Jesus.

Our adversary has been at work in a body of people to equip them in the realms of darkness to oppose the fresh dimension of Heaven being unleashed in this hour. The Lord indicated that His Light will always overcome darkness and we should not be threatened by this increased opposition. When we submit ourselves to Him in complete trust, He will go before us in the battle.

Amplified Lust

Unfortunately, the visions continued to illustrate acceleration in the lust of this world for those who are separated from Christ and the destiny of Heaven. These would include the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. The enemy will fuel the passions of the world for “girls, gold and glory.” Naturally these three “g’s” are a symbolic representation of the snares of the adversary utilized to entrap man by the spirit of this world.

Wickedness will be elevated to a much higher level than even now present. This is the inverted seven that was seen in the previous vision involving the escalation of darkness. The distribution, availability and communication of corruption will only grow worse, if that is imaginable. Our commission is to bring divine light to help lead the many from this overwhelming darkness. It is our time to begin to shine with the brightness of God in order to respond to the elevation in darkness.

Exercising Our Authority

The church is being challenged by the Holy Spirit in this hour to take our position of authority to rebuke influenza and the spread of various other diseases in our nation. In a vision Bob saw the enemy’s plan to spread fever and other illnesses through mosquitoes. The day has now arrived when we must openly, on a regular basis release the authority of the Lord’s blood as a shield against these onslaughts.

Zechariah 9 depicts a battle between the sons of Zion and the sons of Greece. This prophetic portrayal is a clear representation of this next season of the spirit. The storm winds of the South over the past year highlight the inauguration of this spiritual conflict.

The sons of Zion are called to a place of intimate fellowship with the Lord. They will possess an anointing like the one that rested upon the sons of Zadok. Their call will be first to minister unto the Lord and His affection. From that place of fellowship, this company will begin to sift the clean from the unclean and separate the precious from the profane.

They shall enter My sanctuary; they shall come near to My table to minister to Me and keep My charge…Moreover, they shall teach My people the difference between the holy and the profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean. Ezekiel 44:16 & 23

There will be additional windstorms in the South that will be a confirmation of this spiritual reality.