Fireside Chat with Bob Jones

This past New Year’s Eve while in a conference in Charlotte NC, Bob had a divine encounter that produced an unusual but compelling revelation. During the worship service, his spirit eyes were opened and he saw the Spirit of the Lord as a cloud of light. It was a similar encounter and manifestation of God that the apostle Paul witnessed on the road to Damascus. The Lord appeared to Paul as a bright Light and spoke to him with audible expressions.

In a similar fashion, the Lord spoke an audible phrase to Bob sharing His desire to release a “spiritual Rosetta stone” to the Church to unlock the mysteries of the kingdom. The Lord went on to say that His inspired priests will discover great insight with understanding into the Scriptures and the secrets of God for this generation.

Clearly, this was a symbolic expression to highlight a spiritual truth from a natural occurrence that transpired several centuries ago. In 1799, leaders of Napoleon’s army discovered a granite stone in Lower Egypt outside of the seaside town of Rosetta. This relic was dated to 196 B.C. and provided an inscription written in three distinguishable languages. Fortunately, one of those languages was Greek which allowed the archeologist to decode the other two communications.

This discovery provides something of a language dictionary to help translate many other writings from ancient Egypt. The inscriptions were present for many centuries but no understanding was available until the Rosetta stone provided a key of interpretation and comprehension to decipher the messages.

In like fashion, the Lord is releasing by the Spirit of Revelation, keys of understanding and interpretation into mysteries and secrets in the Scriptures. The passages have been present all along but our understanding has been limited. There is now being released from heaven a spiritual endowment that will provide divine wisdom and revelatory insight. The prophecies of Isaiah point to this saying,

You have heard; look at all this. And you, will you not declare it? I proclaim to you new things from this time, even hidden things which you have not known. They are created now and not long ago; and before today you have not heard them, so that you will not say, “Behold, I knew them. Isaiah 48:6 7

During the days of the early Apostolic Church, unprecedented events were taking place. The disciples were compelled to examine the prophetic writings of the prophets to provide a scriptural basis for their experiences. No one could have anticipated the prophetic fulfillment that transpired on the Day of Pentecost. The Scriptures pointing to Pentecost were present all along but now the experience itself unlocked revelatory insight into the mysteries of the kingdom that were imparted during the early church.

There are notable thoughts and plans that are resident in the heart of God that have been sealed and held in reserve until the appointed time. That day has now arrived and the Lord is releasing a spiritual impartation that will be as dynamic in the spiritual arena as the Rosetta stone was within archeological circles. The scriptural truth and kingdom mysteries that are imminently before us will have as much impact as Martin Luther when he nailed his ninety-five theses to the Church door in Wittenberg Germany.

Inspired Priests

The term inspired priests is one taken from both Old and New Testament scriptures generally referencing teachers who receive their understanding of the Word “through a revelation of Jesus Christ.” (Galatians 1:12) The Apostle Paul stated that his discovery of Truth came not by the teaching of man nor by reading a book, but by a divine revelation of Jesus Christ. The inspired teachers present truth that will begin to sanctify believers according to John 17:17; “LORD SANCTIFY THEM IN TRUTH; THY WORD IS TRUTH”.

One of the Old Testament redemptive names given to the Lord is Jehovah M’Kaddesh – The Lord Who Sanctifies (Exodus 31:13) The term holiness is derived from the Hebrew word “Kodesh” and is allied to “sanctify” and is translated as dedicate, consecrate, hallow or holy. “I am Jehovah M’Kaddesh – The Lord who sanctifies you”. This term’s main influence relates to moral and spiritual purity. In the New Testament, many scriptures relate to the process of sanctification, the sum of which is provided to the church through the atoning work of Christ.

The “inspired teachers” will promote sanctification within the church, making her a suitable dwelling place for the fullness of God’s Spirit. His manifest Presence will empower believers to become partakers of His divine nature and His Holy character. All of these purposes, related to the inspired priest or teacher, are identified with the true biblical definition of discipleship. That is, teaching believers to become the Lord’s “friends.” This form of discipleship will also lead the church into the full revelation and realization of Galatians 5:22-23.

The main assignment of the “inspired teachers” will be to Biblically reveal the requirements of the Lord for the end-time church to taste the good Word of God and prepare her to walk in the power of the age to come. Through their revelation of the Word by the Holy Spirit, they will more fully acquaint the church with the necessary steps of preparation and consecration needed to be viable participants in the glorious ministry yet to come.