Fireside Chat with Bob Jones

Throughout the last several years there have been numerous prophetic messages and articles written concerning the calling of this generation in the order of Joseph. There are multiple layers of application to this prophetic model. Some involve the promise of provision during times of famine as well as a call to a position of leadership enjoyed by Joseph after his elevation from the dungeon.

It is not our intent in this brief outline to address the various applications involving the symbolism of Joseph. (For a review of what we have written on the Joseph calling Click Here

However, this week Bob Jones was given a vision directly related to our present condition and its relationship to the Joseph calling. The experience seemed to indicate a present focus on this arena of our calling.

He was shown how many have been in the process of being perfected through sufferings and difficulty. It is in the dungeon that our character is forged preparing us to carry the mantels of power and authority delegated for this generation. Furthermore, he also saw the importance of this election year and the direction our nation takes following 2004. If the enemy has his way, an atmosphere could be created in this nation that is less favorable for the advancement of kingdom purposes.

In his vision, the analogy of Potiphar’s wife was underscored as a present warning. The scripture emphasizes,

It came about after these events that his master’s wife looked with desire at Joseph, and she said, “Lie with me.” Genesis 39:7

Despite the seemingly oppressive conditions, the favor of God will be recognized resting upon the “Josephs” even during their seasons of refining. The spirit of this world, represented by Potiphar’s wife, will seek to entice them to a place of compromise. We must be aware of this snare and pray for the grace and mercy to overcome this test. Once accomplished, the scorn of “Potiphar’s wife” will be harsh.

The false accusations of the enemy will attempt to demoralize and imprison many with the calling of Joseph placed upon their lives. Our strategy is to come before the Throne of grace and request justice and restoration. When the thief is captured he must restore sevenfold all that has been stolen through corruption. This revelation will launch many into their calling and destiny.