“Preparing for Harvest Conference” Vision

The Bible identifies the latter-day generation as one filled with spiritual activity. The veil separating the natural and spiritual realms has never been so thin. Our primary focus is on the Lord Jesus Christ and not on angels or created beings. However, as we grow in maturity and walk more closely with Him, the result will be heightened spiritual sensitivity; our eyes opened to God’s spiritual arena.

We are at a “fullness of time” juncture; divine destiny will be fulfilled. There is a body of people whose spiritual DNA has been specially crafted for this hour. Many to be reaped in the harvest may come from difficult and diverse conditions, nevertheless, grace will be given to be awakened to this cause. The seals on the Book of Redemption are being opened and embodied in a company of overcomers who cohesively work with Heaven’s host to appropriate the blood of Jesus and claim a spiritual harvest.

The spirit of Breakthrough is being assigned to assist us in this pivotal season and heavenly mandate. The focus of this conference is move one step closer to this reality and enable a company of people to live in this arena.

May 2-5 Daphne, AL

Conference Speakers:
Neville Johnson, Bob Jones, Bobby Conner, Randy Demain, Kent Mattox and Paul Keith Davis.
Worship: JoAnn McFatter

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