Report on Trip to Sabino Canyon

I believe there is a spiritual blessing derived from honoring men and women of the past used nobly by God. It is never our intent to set them on a pedestal or make modern-day icons of them, but simply honor what God did through them. Unfortunately, many of God’s champions have been dissected and scrutinized to such a degree that a spirit of criticism emerges against them.

Our healthy admonition in Hebrews 13:7-8 is to analyze, understand and examine the lives of those who presented God’s Word to us and imitate their faith. We do this because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If we come to the Lord on the same basis of faith as former champions did, then He will do through us what he did through them and change our generation.

There was something inherent in Joshua that caused him to linger around the Tent of Meetings where Moses met with God. This expression of his desperate heart helped qualify him to follow Moses as leader of Israel.

With that foundation in mind, I would like to share a brief report of our late February trip to the Tucson, AZ area. The first place that I went, along with Pastor Steven Shelly and Pastor’s Peter and Cathryn Nash, was to Sabino Canyon. There were several notable encounters that William Branham had in these mountains.

I was shocked to see the tremendous difference in the landscape since visiting this area with Bobby Connor in late June of 2006. I discovered that 33 days after Bobby and I visited the sites, a 10,000 year flood transpired in the Canyon causing great damage and rearranging the landscape.

Because of the road damage, we were required to walk over two miles to the place where brother Branham encountered the Lord and a sword was placed into his hand, representing the revelation of God’s Word coming to our generation. We were also required to climb a 100 foot cliff to reach the spot where this event took place. We remained there for approximately two hours, simply asking the Lord to do in our generation the tremendous things that we read about in the prior outpourings. There was something inherently important about the release of revelatory truth in the Latter Rain revival that will find its fulfillment in our day.

We also went to other locations where appearances and other revelations transpired concerning the maturing of the Lord’s Bride.

Following that day of adventure, Steven Shelley and I traveled with Pastor Pearry Green to Sunset Mountain Where the seven angels met with Brother Branham in 1963. We spent 10 hour that day with Pastor Pearry discussing his firsthand accounts of the last years of Brother Branham’s life and how so much has been distorted.

I am pleased to announce Pastor Green will join us in our May conference. I plan to take an entire session to interview him and get on the record what he saw and heard for himself involving misunderstood events and conversations in William Branham’s latter years. Hopefully he can bring clarity to many of the misconceptions and also ignite faith by sharing wonderful stories that he witnessed himself of things God did in those days.

The main revelation that I received in this day of travel to Sunset Mountain was a sense of urgency that we must pick up these revelations and bring them to fullness. The seeds for end-of-the-age maturing of the “sons of light” were sown in the prior revival in the same fashion that Moses delivered Israel from Egypt and imparting the basic revelation for obtaining the promises.

Following Moses, Joshua provided leadership to carry the people across Jordan and into the land of promise and the realization of their inheritance. This is the same model that we feel emanating for this present age.

On April 3 I will be sharing in a spoken message the full understanding that we gained in this trip to the Tucson, Arizona area. That CD will be available on our web site that will hopefully provide insight and faith to step into this new day.