The Cloud of Witnesses & Acts 7

In February WhiteDove Ministries hosted the Possessing Bridal Inheritance Conference in Tucson, AZ. My role was to manage the book tables and help with administration of the conference. I am so thankful that I was part of the conference this year. It really was wonderful. My first night in the hotel in Tucson I had an unusual experience. As I came into my room that night I powerfully sensed a holy presence in my room near my bed. I intuitively knew there were spiritual “beings” present.

At the time I didn’t give much thought to what I was sensing. I was alone so I reasoned it could be my imagination. As I got closer to my bed I sensed them even more than I did when I came into the room. I began to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what it was that I was sensing. I was completely inspired to read Acts 7.

As I began to read this passage I realized that I was experiencing some part of the cloud of witnesses. I continued to read and as I came to the end of the chapter I realized that this was Stephen’s Speech before he was stoned. His speech started with Abraham, then on to Jacob, the patriarchs and Joseph, and lastly Moses. While there were several things within this chapter that stood out to me I realized that what I was experiencing in my room that night had everything to do with the fathers of our Faith and Stephen’s life.

While I am not completely sure why the Lord allowed me to sense the presence in my room and why the Holy Spirit led me to read Acts 7, I did notice throughout the conference a thread between each speaker related to this subject.

The Lord is preparing a people whose hearts are completely His. He is instilling in our spirit’s relentless courage that is birthed from intimacy with Christ. This relentlessness is being given to a body of believers who desire nothing but to see Jesus Christ receive his full reward. I believe that the experiences He is releasing to His children in this generation is to mark us with a certainty that He is going to move among us and reveal His plan and purpose in this day and in this hour.

We are on the brink of something so supernatural that we must be prepared within the chambers of intimacy with Him to contain the Truth and Revelation that is being revealed. If it is released to people unprepared and unwilling to lay down their lives daily to sit at His feet; this Truth and Revelation will fall to the ground and no fruit can be harvested. Our rightful place is with Him, seated with Him in Heavenly places. Let’s go there together!