The Divine Exchange Between Heaven & Earth Part 2

Last time I attempted to introduce the idea that there is what I called ‘a divine exchange” going on between heaven and earth at all times. It’s a rather obvious point, yet we go about our daily lives in a state of stupor as to the impact of this truth on us, in us and through us with each breath we take. It is our loss, as well as heaven’s loss. It is a great loss to the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth.

I talked about how God has set up this intricately interwoven set of principals and laws in both the seen and unseen realm that everything is subject to. The laws of the spiritual realm and the physical realm that are intertwined much more than we know. Unfortunately, we’ve handed over the opening up of these mysteries to science and to the new age philosophers and have lost massive ground over the last 2000 years.

In fact, we have gone backwards as we have given ourselves over to the Greek mentality in our approach to God. One impact of that is that we have gone deeper and deeper into our own ‘reason‘, the mind of man, which has taken us farther and farther away from the walk with Him that Adam had in the garden. We have failed to see the fullness of the Cross and the Blood and its impact on the curse of the fall. We have access to so much more than we partake of – but that’s all about to change.

The Hebrew Culture

God presented Himself to us through a Hebrew culture. I doubt very much that it was a random choice. The Greek mentality has a strong propensity toward dividing everything up into separate categories; dividing spirit, mind and body. The Hebrew approach is a holistic one, keeping spirit, mind and body as influencing and overlapping each other coming together as a whole.

God calls us ‘made in His image‘. Just as He is 3 in 1 in Father, Son and Holy Spirit, so we are a type of 3 in 1 in mind, body and spirit; yet we are one whole being. Outside of this truth we will fail miserably in our attempt to understand His ways.

This faulty approach has led to great error in our efforts in education as well as medicine and science, but we won’t go there right now. Our main concern at this point is in the area of our spiritual endeavors – our attempt at communion with God, worshipping Him, and learning of His ways.

Back to the Beginning

There is that innate drive within us to get back to what was in His heart in the very beginning. Back to the ‘in the Beginning ‘when He released the ‘let there be Light ‘and there was Light. The drive to find out what was in His heart in the very beginning when He created us to love and be loved, as companions with Him in the Garden before the mind of man gave entrance to sin by reasoning with the serpent and taking his own way of thinking over God’s way.

This brings us to where we left off last time with the thought of worshipping Him in spirit and in truth, in the reality of the unseen as well as the perceived realms. We need to gain understanding of these two realms and how they affect our individual lives as well as the advancing of the Kingdom on the earth.

A “new sound is coming” is a phrase that you hear everywhere you go. Just about every conference gathering I have been at in the last couple of years someone has referenced this and every time there has been loud agreement from the people or even as much as a roar coming up from the crowd. It seems that the Body is in agreement with this phrase, yet no one really knows what that means. I’m not saying I know what it means, either, but I want to address at least a few aspects of that sound as I see it.

I believe it is a sound of faith…a sound of understanding …and the sound, as Paul Keith Davis so often refers to it, of the overcomer. It is also a combination of our sounds and the reality sounds of the supernatural, melding into One sound that carries the authority of heaven in it – a supernatural sound that should be natural for us by now, but, alas, is not. However it is soon coming and there are those who have at least attempted to attune their ear to it.

It’s a difficult process because we’ve not been given the tools to acclimate with, but Truth is coming. The mind of man and our reasoning’s, will give way to it. God said, “come, let us reason together“, not “you guys figure it out in your own thoughts and get back to Me.”

Sounds funny, but that’s pretty much been our approach ever since we let Constantine set our course down the Greek path of reasoning in 320AD.

The Sound of a Shift

I had a vision once of a mass of people bent over, harvesting a field. A sound was released, but it wasn’t of this natural realm. It was of another realm and a few people scattered throughout the fields heard it. As they did they would straighten up and look around to see where it was coming from.

In doing so they would see each other and know that they really did hear a sound because others heard it also even though they couldn’t understand what the sound was about or where it was coming from. They did, however, catch each other’s eye as if to say “you heard that, too, didn’t you. “ They took solace in the fact that others had heard it, and it filled them with anticipation of something coming.

When we hear a sound like that it causes a shift in us. Depending on just how much of it we allow into our being, it can literally cause a shift in us. It can introduce something into our fiber that until that point was not there…..or perhaps it was, but is only now being awakened. The sound of truth or deception can cause a shift in us if we embrace it, but it’s not just mental or spiritual, it is physical also.

Sound travels by way of vibrations that are transported from molecule to molecule on what is called waves. The energy that is created mixes with our energy. We are made up primarily of energy when you get down to the subatomic levels of things. It’s amazing that we actually look like empty space for the most part, but that empty space is actually energy.

I realize this is grossly simplified, but the point I’m making is that we constantly emit and receive energy. We impact everything and everything impacts us. We can control that a bit, but I won’t go into that quite yet because it would take us off the path too far.

If you have ever come across the book “ The Hidden Messages In Water “ by Emoto, a Japanese physicist, you understand a bit about our make up. It’s a very interesting study done on water and the effect that sound, music or words, has on it. You might wonder what that has to do with us as humans, but we are 70% water as adults. It shows the impact positive and negative words have on water.

Even different styles of music affect the water for good or bad. Again, it’s an energy thing. Interestingly enough the words “love and gratitude” were of the most positive impact.

Prayer was released consistently for 3 days over a polluted lake and at the end of three days the water was pure. Granted, the people praying were of varying faiths and beliefs but it’s a spiritual principal that was set up in the beginning when God formed this existence of ours. There are spiritual and physical laws that have been put into motion by Him that we have not even begun to tap into.

The same is true of plants. Studies have been done that show plants “reacting” to music. Classical music stimulates growth and even shows plants growing toward the music, wrapping itself around the speakers. Hard rock music causes some plants to be stunted in their growth, some to grow away from the music and some to even die. It’s the energy of the sound waves that are affecting the plants.

Thank God we are finally beginning to wake up and take back the truths and look into the mysteries of creation! I’ve heard it said many times that the New Agers have stolen the things of God. They didn’t ‘ steal ‘ anything – we gave it over to them by not exercising our dominion over the earth as the Sons of God. We abandoned the truths of the spirit and took up the mind of man, what we could see and touch and hear with our natural senses. It’s time for the Sons of God to come into their inheritance of the mysteries of creation, both in spirit and in truth.

To be continued…….