Discipline. Such a non-enticing word really. How about, “Spiritual discipline?” Now there’s a phrase that is even less inviting. For me, the image instantly emerges of a silent, morbid monk fasting until his body looks emaciated and his eyes are glazed over from the years of faithful studying by candlelight. Isolated and bound staunchly to […]

Those of us involved in music ministry or who consider ourselves to be worship leaders most often try to identify with the life of David. Many times I have been put into the position of trying to minister and counsel creative people who feel they have been treated unjustly or misunderstood by those in leadership […]

In 1847 three baby boys were born who ultimately impacted people all over the world. One was Thomas Alva Edison, heralded as the greatest inventor in modern history. He patented 1.093 inventions in his lifetime, and his greatest contribution was the invention of electric lights. Then there was Alexander Graham Bell, who at the age […]