There is one question we are asked most often in our ministry, “what does all this mean.” That is a good and valid question! We cannot afford to be blind to the signs of the times. There are events transpiring of biblical proportions throughout the earth. Storms, earthquakes, celestial phenomena, political and natural upheaval, and […]

The revelations that we have been receiving over the last few weeks directly related to a extraordinarily vivid vision given to Bob last week. For that reason I have chosen to consolidate my article along with the “Fireside Chat with Bob Jones” section for this newsletter. We trust it is insightful and encouraging. On the […]

To be seated with Christ in heavenly places signifies the delegation of authority. Through the process of redemption we are given a divine opportunity to share in the kingdom rule of the Lord and entrusted with a realm of authority signified by the “seat” or place of dominion. Naturally, that designation is not randomly given […]

In many ways, Daniel and his three friends provide a representation of the manner in which the Lord will equip his people for the special assignments set before us. The Babylonian captivity of natural Israel provides a prophetic portrait of our condition and the Lord’s promise for deliverance of spiritual Israel. Daniel 1:17 describes the […]

Since attending a series of prophetic leadership meetings in January 2004, the Lord has been speaking to us very pointedly about the separation within the Church that is directly ahead of us. There are ancient spiritual enemies that infiltrated the early church following the Day of Pentecost that have now come to a place of […]

“Now, why do you cry out loudly? Is there no king among you, or has your counselor perished, that agony has gripped you like a woman in childbirth? “Writhe and labor to give birth, daughter of Zion, like a woman in childbirth; for now you will go out of the city, dwell in the field, […]

Over the last few months the Lord has been emphasizing a progressive revelation involving the cooperation between Heaven and earth in the fulfillment of end-time mandates. We will not achieve our highest purpose in God without the supernatural arena of the Spirit. This can be emphatically proven throughout the Bible and in particular the book […]

During a gathering of friends in August 1994, the Lord wonderfully released prophetic keys involving His strategy and desire for the end-time harvest. Many churches, ministries and individuals have experienced spiritual transitions and re-structuring to function more fruitfully in God’s plan. Therefore, I thought it good to revisit that prophetic word with the expectation of […]

Truth is often hidden in plain view. For centuries archeologists meticulously scrutinized the ancient writings and hieroglyphics encrypted on Egyptian artifacts. Only with the discovery of the Rosetta Stone was a dictionary of ancient language furnished to give meaning to the mysteries. There are many layers of Scriptural Truth. At best we understood them only […]

There are many voices in this present generation.  There is the voice of human reasoning, the voice of innocent blood, the voice of politicians and even the voice of the martyrs.  However, the one voice that has not yet been heard in its entirety is the voice of the Bride.  Revelations 18: 23 states, The […]