A dark night of the soul! That is an expression I am often hearing as I travel throughout the U.S. and abroad. Seemingly, many believers are going through a process that is difficult and painful. Nevertheless it is for a fruitful cause. The following revelatory encounter that I had several years ago has helped me […]

The Lord is presently speaking very pointedly about the church’s need to move into spiritual maturity. Many people living in this generation have a unique and holy attribute woven into their spiritual DNA. A predetermined virtue provokes us to move beyond the outer court and into a place of Kingdom expression. It is called divine […]

The end of 2003 provided one of the richest and thoroughly rewarding revelations I have received from the Lord. It was an incredible journey into Heaven’s treasury room. I have written about this encounter in detail in “Books of Destiny.” The apostle Paul, in his epistle to the Colossians, records an encouragement regarding the great […]

There are several profoundly simple yet vitally important questions that we and others have been asking the Lord. 1. What are God’s expectations of us? 2. What are our expectations for this generation? 3. What is the currency of Heaven? 4. How can we capture the attention of God? These are fair and justifiable Bible […]

A. W. Tozer said it best in the title of his classic book, “The Pursuit of God.” The ultimate adventure for this generation is the pursuit of the Lord Jesus Christ. There can be no greater endeavor than to know Him as personally as He may be known. The Scripture promises, if we draw near […]

Late July 1994, Bob Jones was told in a revelatory experience that pastor Cho of South Korea had a word from the Lord involving a move of God that would be birthed in Pensacola, FL. He was told that this deposit of God’s Spirit would have a threefold relevance. The first anointing would generate repentance. […]

Nothing did more to accelerate the Protestant Reformation than the invention of the printing press. The 15th century Guttenberg press provided a much more efficient circulation of Martin Luther’s German translation of the Bible and his many other writings. Mass distribution of spiritual truth was birthed. The written word continues to be a compelling tool […]

The Lord is preparing a body of spiritual warriors to emerge in our generation to meet the scripturally foretold challenges and prophetic destiny ordained for our age. One of the greatest mandates of all time is to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to taste the good Word of God and the powers of the age […]

Few women in history are as intriguing as Jeanne D’Arc, the French peasant girl born in 1412, who heard and obeyed heaven. To some she was a saint, to others a heretic, but history chronicles her as emerging from obscurity to become her nation’s youngest military leader. In 15 months she changed the course of […]

The Welsh revival was a profound spiritual awakening. From late 1904 until early 1905, the Holy Spirit’s outpouring in Wales directly impacted 100,000 souls for the Kingdom of Heaven and yielded inspiration for countless millions. Few revivals have been so well documented and thoroughly considered as the Welsh Revival. Evan Roberts, a young ministry student, […]