Fishers of Men


Snuggled deep beneath a warm comforter, I am sound asleep in my bed in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. The covers are pulled tight around my shoulders because of a sudden cold snap as the first prophetic event begins to unfold.

I was awakened by the sensation that the covers were being pulled away from my shoulders. Half asleep, my first impression was that my wife was trying to rearrange the covers. However, she lay quietly sleeping by my side. Quickly I turned to the other side of the bed, and it was at this point that the Lord spoke to me in a very firm yet gentle voice, “Get up! It is time to go fishing!”


The time was exactly 2:22 A.M. In this prophetic experience I was transported by the Spirit of the Lord from the comforts of my bed to an enormously large body of water.

Standing at the edge of this massive sea, the sky was awfully dark. The clouds were violently turbulent and the winds were swirling and blowing incredibly strong. Lightning flashed across the darkened sky and illuminated the storm-tossed sea. This was clearly not a tranquil, peaceful, serene setting but rather unsettled, troubled waters.

The waters were extremely stirred, with waves mounting high with white caps and foam. The raging wind caused the rain to sting against my face. As the lightning flashed and the thunder was crashing, the sound rolling across the waves seemed to be amplified. I shivered as the wind drove the rain deep into my clothes. It was one of the most tempestuous times I’ve ever experienced, but I could feel that this storm was more than just a natural storm. I could not explain it, but I could sense that this was a very unnatural disturbance I was beholding.


Standing at my side, the Lord said, “I am hungry! You are to catch supper.” Intensely, He was steadfastly gazing over the troubled waters. I knew He was expecting me to catch some fish, but I was thinking how hard it would be to fish in such a violent storm. It was difficult for me to even stand in the strong gusts of wind. Although I did not voice my thoughts out loud, He reassuringly said to me, “This is the best time for fishing. Fish are more easily caught at this time.”


Then I looked more closely at Him and noticed that His hair was not being blown about by the wind. Neither were his clothes wet and flopping wildly in the wind, as mine were. Christ, knowing that I was now observing Him, said, “Come closer to ME.”

As I moved ever closer to Him, the winds became calmer. When I came near to His side, there was a place of perfect peace and protection from the storm. He smiled, saying in a most comforting tone, “Yes! I am still the PRINCE OF PEACE.”

Even though the situation with the wind and weather had not changed, there was a quiet, calm confidence in the Lord’s presence. I wondered why I didn’t come closer sooner. Looking deep into my eyes, I knew that He was expecting more from me than just standing by. I could sense that He expected me to get busy obeying His command.


I was extremely ill-prepared to fish, so I said to Him, “I don’t have anything to fish with…I don’t have any bait.”

He said, “You still don’t understand. I AM the bait.” He then slowly placed His right hand over His heart. Holding it there a moment, He extended His hand out from His bosom. I was not prepared for what I saw. There in His hand was a part of HIS HEART, and it was the deepest crimson red, almost purple. He placed it in my hand.

I was overwhelmed with the immense worth and value of just a tiny piece of HIS HEART. I could feel its eternal worth and value, and I knew at that moment that what I had in my hand was most precious. The statement of 1 Peter 1:18-19 filled my heart:

Forasmuch as you know that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain lifestyle but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.

Truly God gave His very best to ransom and redeem fallen mankind. Christ Jesus is the ETERNAL LAMB without blemish or spot. He is the sinless perfect sacrifice. Words cannot express the worth of one single drop of the precious blood of the Lamb.

I could not think of casting this portion of His heart into the dark, troubled waters that were raging and roaring at my feet. Yet He instructed me, saying, “Cast this upon the water.”

Now I was openly weeping, saying, “No, Lord, no! This is far too precious to cast away.”

He said, “What you feel is right. Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy!” He filled my heart with the promise of Psalm 126:4-5: “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. He who continually goes forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”

I looked at the part of the Lord’s heart in my hand, and it now appeared to be a very bright orange, almost illuminated or glowing. He said, “Cast it out upon the water.”

This portion of the Lord’s heart was attached to His heart through my hand by a very thin, yet bright, scarlet line. I knew that I was to throw this as far as I could, with all my might.


I released it into the air. Because of its bright orange glow, I could see it clearly as it flew through the gusting wind. At the instant it came in contact with the water, an extraordinarily large shiny silver fish leaped out of the water, taking the object in its mouth. This was a magnificent, brilliant, beautiful fish, and the lightning flashed against its shiny silver body. There was no fight or pulling against the line in my hand, but this enormous fish quickly swam to the shore at our feet.

This huge fish was extremely beautiful—solid silver. However, as I looked closely at the fish it appeared almost transparent. You could see into the fish, and it was filled with untold numbers of smaller precious fish.

I gazed into the face of Christ Jesus, and His face was radiating the most satisfying, pleasant, joyous smile. He spoke with great compassion saying, “For this cause I came into the world: the seeking and saving of lost mankind. This is the reason I’ve established my church on the earth—to reach mankind with MY HEART.”


He questioned me, asking, “Do you know how big this fish is?”
I somehow knew this was a 55-pound fish. I said, “Yes, it weights 55 pounds.”
“Yes,” He replied, “but it is 55 X 55.” At these words, the fish would multiply in size each time it was touched.


He said, “Pick up the fish and place it into MY HANDS.” When I placed the fish into His hands, Christ placed the fish into His heart, saying, “This is the meat I have to eat of.”

I was thrilled and sad at the same moment—thrilled because of the immense pleasure the Lord was having, yet sad at the thought that I didn’t have any more of the “special bait.” Knowing my every thought, He said, “You will always have MY HEART from MY HAND if you will come to Me. The more you give away, the more you receive.”

Words could not describe the contentment I felt as I stood on these shores with Christ. I could see, without a doubt, that bringing people to Christ is the highest calling one could ever undertake. Nothing we do will bring more pleasure to Christ than presenting to HIM the souls for which He died. These are the most brilliant crowns that we will one day lay at His feet.

Now is harvest time! Only as we follow Christ can He make us to become true “fishers of men”! This is the greatest task one could ever give himself to.

What you have just read is a small part of Bobby Conner’s Shepherd’s Rod 2002. You can order the complete prophetic visitation by writing.

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