Hidden Champions

“I have many hidden champions living quietly in obscurity who have Heaven’s attention.” That is a statement I heard from the Lord in a dream while in Tucson, Arizona during our, “Sons, Taught of the Lord” conference.

On the second morning of our conference I had a powerfully vivid dream that provided a very encouraging message. In it, I found myself in a horse stable with the great racing champion, Secretariat. I was thrilled to observe firsthand Secretariat’s beauty and strength; his mere presence was awe-inspiring.

While admiring this incredible champion I was also reminded of the revelatory messages I have brought since 2002 involving Secretariat as a prophetic picture of God’s last day champions; men and women of valor with enlarged heart’s for God and increased capacity for His Kingdom. I’ve written about this in, “Books of Destiny” and shared it in numerous spoken messages.

At that moment a gentleman walked into the stable that I intuitively recognized as the foremost authority on horses. He watched for a moment as I admired Secretariat, then spoke saying, “Secretariat was a great champion—but there were many more just as great as he was who also had enlarged hearts and great capacity.” I was somewhat startled at that statement and argued slightly saying, “Secretariat was the single greatest champion ever. There was no horse greater than Secretariat.”

With that statement the man gently stated that he begged to differ. He went on to explain there were many great champions just like Secretariat who also had enlarged hearts and great capacity, but they lived in secret and in obscurity. I then realized that I was not speaking with a mere authority on horses, it was the Lord! I was receiving a much-needed lesson on a Kingdom mystery.

Many More Hidden

The Lord was letting me know for every celebrated champion known in a public forum, there are also many others just as great who are satisfied to live covertly and never widely known. Even so, they have Heaven’s attention and win great victories in His name and release considerable authority in the Earth.

Our Great Redeemer is going to touch His people and amplify our desperation for Him and His Spirit. We will be so filled with Kingdom there will simply be no room for anything else such as doubt, unbelief or the spirit of this world.

The end-of-the-age Bridal Company/Sons of the Kingdom will have increased capacity for God. The eternal truth of 2 Chronicles 16:9 is directly applicable saying:

For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His….

He let me know that many of these will experience profound increase and expansion and be given a public forum and ministry with various media outlets to promote the Kingdom’s message; but for every one of those there are many others that are strategically hidden. I knew that was a message for this hour.

Special Grace for the Hidden

There is a grace and anointing for those living in secret places whose “life is hidden with Christ in God. “ Maybe they do not have a public platform, but there are many grandmas, grandpas, stay at home moms and others who have great capacity for God with vital roles in His plan. There is going to be a pronounced grace and favor placed upon their intercession and revelation that will have considerable Kingdom impact.

While sharing that in Tucson I was also reminded of another experience. It was the instance of having received a profound revelation that I had never read in a book nor heard someone preach. A revelation dealing with divine justice and it’s relevance in the last days.

I felt the Lord had perhaps extended His scepter to me and had directly given me this wonderful breakthrough revelation of Biblical truth. However, sometime after that I went into a vision and I watched a little granny who lived alone spending her hours interceding and praying for the revelation of the Kingdom. She literally bombarded Heaven with her prayers until the Heavens opened. It was as though she came directly before the Lord Himself and He extended His scepter to her like Esther. I watched as the Lord gave her the very revelation that I had subsequently received. I then watched as she began to decree and proclaim that revelation.

I was experiencing a parabolic picture of how revelatory insight is often gathered and released in the Earth. As she prophesied the revelation it was as though that message went forth from her mouth and broadcasted into the Spirit realm. It was a scene similar to that in Isaiah 51:16 saying:

I have put My words in your mouth and have covered you with the shadow of My hand, to establish the heavens, to found the earth, and to say to Zion, “You are My people.

She did not prophesy it to a crowd of people nor a corporate body, but privately under a powerful canopy of God’s anointing. I watched that message go forth from her mouth into the heavenly realm like a radio signal. I then observed myself enter my prayer closet and put up my “revelatory antenna” and spiritually discern or tune into the very revelation she had received and decreed into the Spirit. I then began to formulate that truth into written and spoken messages. I saw how the orchestration of heaven involves us all in His plans and purposes and the fruit goes into all our heavenly accounts accordingly.

She actually received the breakthrough revelation and prophesied it into the Spirit. There are many key individuals who do not have a public forum or a large platform to share their revelation, but that is the way the Lord intended it. There are the “Simeon’s and Anna’s” that we discover in Luke 2 that live in obscurity but with a promise from God.

The Annas & Simeons

The prophetess Anna spent the vast majority of her adult life in the Temple praying, fasting and waiting for the Redemption of Israel. Simeon had an individual promise from God that he would not taste death until he had seen the “Consolation of Israel.” There you have these two individuals living in obscurity but with God’s promises.

They were satisfied to live hidden while contending for the realization of the promise. It was given to them with an incredible fulfillment by holding in their hands the Salvation of Israel, the Messiah, and Redeemer of the world. What a privilege!

The prophetic message and word of encouragement for these hidden champions is that grace is being granted for you to go into that place of prayer, intercession and birthing. The Lord has shown me these are humble and contrite individuals that do not demand a lot of attention or a large platform, but are satisfied having God’s attention; saints who know God and when they pray the heavens shake.

I want to encourage you in that destiny and responsibility. Continue to prophesy your revelations into Spirit realm. Though you may not be required to stand before a company of people, many of the most profound decrees and proclamations will go forth in a very intimate setting. Even so, that word will go into the realm of the Spirit and will not return void without accomplishing its purpose; that is, to make way for the Kingdom of Heaven to bring forth a Bridal Company/Sons of the Kingdom that will transform this generation.