My book, Thrones of the Soul, is presently receiving much attention and emphasis. This is fulfilling a prophetic word given to me by Bob Jones when it was first published. When I handed Bob his copy of Thrones, his immediate response was a prophecy. He said, “This book will be more relevant 10 years from […]

The friend of God! Such a distinction is clearly considered one of man’s greatest honors. Even so, that opportunity is granted to those who abide in Christ and His Word abides in them. The time has now arrived for the friends of Christ to begin to restore what has been stolen from the church. This […]

John G. Lake was a man who experienced apostolic ministry according to first century standards and changed the world every place that he went. His life and ministry was a representation of a vessel yielded to God as a habitation for His manifest presence. Through him the Holy Spirit was able to heal the sick, […]

I was recently given the book of Obadiah in a prophetic dream with an emphasis on verse 21, highlighting the soon emergence of “deliverers.” These will be God’s champions who carry His heart, nature and ability as messengers of His kingdom. Obadiah 1:21 declares: The deliverers will ascend Mount Zion To judge the mountain of […]

O Adonai, if I have found favor in Your eyes,” he said, “then let the Lord (Adonai, the Angel of Covenant, the Messiah) go with us. Although this is a stiff-necked people, forgive our wickedness and our sin, and take us as your inheritance. – Exodus 34:9 According to the commission given to Moses, supernatural signs […]

“I have many hidden champions living quietly in obscurity who have Heaven’s attention.” That is a statement I heard from the Lord in a dream while in Tucson, Arizona during our, “Sons, Taught of the Lord” conference. On the second morning of our conference I had a powerfully vivid dream that provided a very encouraging […]

Greetings friends, Already 2011 is proving to be a pivotal year. Wanda and I had a very fruitful trip to Ireland and England in January. Chuck Pierce joined us in England and we all felt the level of hunger was quite invigorating along with the receptivity of the messages. God is enlarging our capacity for […]

Bob saw many spiritual “Ruth’s” taking their eyes off of themselves and their circumstances that have been like bondage and prison. Now is the time for this company of women to “breakthrough” their desperate situation and return to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. It will be a notable time of personal and corporate breakthrough. The […]

Greetings friends, Wanda, Natalie and I are just returning from a very fruitful series of meetings in Detroit, Michigan, Seoul, South Korea and Auckland, New Zealand. One thing we received from each of these meetings is the clear evidence of a remnant company of people who have positioned themselves for spiritual breakthrough and a season […]

Greetings friends, I trust this newsletter finds you full of faith and hope for this coming season. This has been an incredibly active month spiritually from Rosh Hashanah through Tabernacles. Much revelation and insight has been given to prepare us to move forward into a season of fruitfulness and harvest. The Lord willing, we hope […]