In 1847 three baby boys were born who ultimately impacted people all over the world. One was Thomas Alva Edison, heralded as the greatest inventor in modern history. He patented 1.093 inventions in his lifetime, and his greatest contribution was the invention of electric lights. Then there was Alexander Graham Bell, who at the age […]

An Eyewitness Account of the Miraculous In 2006 I preached at Word Alive church with Pastor Kent Mattox outside Birmingham, AL. During the service I mentioned the wonderful heritage introduced to this generation through the Latter Rain revival by such men as William Branham and A. A. Allen. I shared some of the miracle testimonies […]

The following article is written by Dr. Scott Flanigan, retired faculty member and Professor Emeritus in the Department of Political Science at Florida State University. He has authored numerous academic books. He and his wife Rita are both Ph.D.’s and reside in Tallahassee, FL. The Flanagan’s have attended many of our meetings and events over […]

Just as all creation groans for the manifestation of the sons of God, there is a groaning in union with the cry of “OHHHHHHHH! That we would see Jesus!” The unsung song of creation has yet to be expressed in sweet relief at His appearing in the earth. As the sons of God emerge in the […]

As we carry on in the faith, holding to our belief systems and trusting God will move in and through us along the way, I would like to put things on pause for a moment. Yes, I would like you to push the pause button and just be aware of this very moment……….. There it […]

There is at all times a sound being released from earth to heaven as well as from heaven to earth – a divine exchange, so to speak. In the unseen realm, it is in the form of energy patterns, waves, particles and though the vast majority of it is not heard with our natural ear, […]

Last time I attempted to introduce the idea that there is what I called ‘a divine exchange” going on between heaven and earth at all times. It’s a rather obvious point, yet we go about our daily lives in a state of stupor as to the impact of this truth on us, in us and […]

HE WHO HAS EARS TO HEAR, LET HIM HEAR. Sound is a profound thing when understood and utilized in its fullness. Mankind has barely begun to realize the effect it has on our body, mind, and spirit. During the days of the harvest we must grasp the implications of sound relative to the triune nature […]

Transition………one of the most widely used words in the body of Christ these days; almost to the point of losing its impact. The transition for us all has seemingly been so drawn out that it’s become a way of life – one that produces a love/hate relationship with the very concept. I remember hearing a […]

There is a desire encoded in each of us, when we are created unto a destiny in God, one of a divine nature. Depending on our life experiences, we get in touch with this desire in vastly different ways but, as scripture notes, the blueprints are within us. My frame was not hidden from You, […]