In late May Wanda and I were speakers in a conference with Bob Jones in Birmingham AL. In the ten years that we have been conducting meetings with Bob, I would say this one went to the highest level as it relates to cooperating with the Holy Spirit and releasing spiritual impartations. The pinnacle of […]

Many years ago Bob Jones had a profound revelatory encounter in which he was shown the Mississippi River. In the experience he was told of a significant application of this river in the strategy of Heaven. It was portraying the River of the Spirit with specific application to the Lord’s plans for this nation. Recently, […]

Throughout the last several years there have been numerous prophetic messages and articles written concerning the calling of this generation in the order of Joseph. There are multiple layers of application to this prophetic model. Some involve the promise of provision during times of famine as well as a call to a position of leadership […]

For years we have heard the prophetic words over this younger generation. We have labored in the Spirit and travailed to see them come into their place in this vital hour. We’ve sung about it, we’ve prayed about it, we’ve prophesied it and now today before you—they are rising. All over the earth there is […]

On the morning of February 3, 2004, Bob was given a vision to help highlight a spiritual emphasis for this coming season. There have been a number of revelations coming that will be strategic for this year and the years to follow. This particular warning was also given on a previous Day of Atonement revelation. […]

One day as I was in prayer the Lord began to open up my eyes to a spiritual encounter. I saw myself being taken up to heaven. Before me I saw a huge house with many rooms. I knew instantly that this was the ‘Father’s House’. I could feel the love of the father drawing […]

In our natural bodies, physical pain forces us to awaken when we have been asleep. It obligates us to pay immediate attention to a specific need and drives us to look deeper into the truth. In other words, it motivates us to examine closer the cause of a problem instead of the symptom. I believe […]

This past New Year’s Eve while in a conference in Charlotte NC, Bob had a divine encounter that produced an unusual but compelling revelation. During the worship service, his spirit eyes were opened and he saw the Spirit of the Lord as a cloud of light. It was a similar encounter and manifestation of God […]

One of the warnings given to Bob through a recent revelation has to do with the biblical balance of looking to our glorious future while also trusting God for the restoration of things lost in our past. Both are part of God’s blueprint and promise; but like all spiritual principles, they must be kept in […]

The Lord first began to speak to me approximately two years ago concerning the true experience of being filled with His Spirit. We circulated portions of this revelation in the January 2004 newsletter. During this present season the Lord is once again emphasizing this spiritual reality and its vital importance to transition into what is […]